The safari Camargue area in the southern area of France is home to a rare herd of wild horses. The horses really are a shielded species and wander freely in the region. Recently, the horses are already safari camargue noticed roaming the roadways of nearby towns and towns.

Some citizens have complained regarding the horses resulting in traffic jams and injury to residence. Others locate them a nuisance. But some residents say they are delighted to see the crazy creatures in their community.

Photographs in the Camargue Horses:

The Camargue horse is actually a beautiful wildlife using a long mane and tail. The horses are primarily bright white, however some have black or brown marks. They can be taller and muscle and can attain rates of speed of up to 40 mph.

The Camargue place in the southern part of France can be a unique location in which people and pets reside. The area houses many parrot kinds, flamingos, bulls, and of course, the Camargue horses.

Exactly Why Are the Camargue Horses So Important?

The Camargue place of the southern part of France is home to an excellent herd of outdoors horses, referred to as the Camargue horses! Unfortunately, the Camargue horses are unusual and vulnerable. There are no more than 200 horses remaining around the world. That’s why it’s so vital to guard them!

The Camargue horses are extremely special creatures. These are the only horses on the planet that happen to be brought into this world with white colored coats. Their coats transform a beautiful color of gray or black colored since they era. The Camargue horses may also be renowned for their hardy the outdoors. They can live in issues that would kill other horse breeds.

The Camargue horses are extremely significant mainly because they stand for part of French culture and history that is slowly disappearing. They are roaming the roadways of France for many years and therefore are a prompt of your less difficult time. We have to make everything we can easily to protect them!


The Camargue horses really are a wonderful and rare breed of horse indigenous to the Camargue area of the southern area of France. These horses are thought one of the more endangered horse breeds on earth, with approximately 200 kept around the world.