Showing up in a new town can be both exciting and demanding. If you’re arriving in Rome by aircraft, teach, or bus, you might find yourself without having a destination to retailer your travel luggage for a couple of several hours (or even time). Here’s a bag storage rome break down of the pros and cons for each position you can retailer your luggage storage Rome.

Still left Suitcases in the International airport


The kept travel luggage counter with the international airport is usually located near to the arrivals hall, so it’s simple to find. Just search for the indications!

Travel luggage storage space at the air-port is usually very safe. Your baggage will likely be saved in a safe and secure place behind the workplace.

Storing your suitcases on the airport terminal is generally very cheap. As an example, at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Air-port, it fees €6 every day to get a small item and €8 per day for any large product.


The left suitcases kitchen counter might be closed when your flight shows up very early or late at night. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to find someplace else to hold your totes.

The remaining travel luggage kitchen counter in the international airport could get very occupied, specially during maximum travel. This suggests which you might need to spend time in series before you can look at your totes.

Remaining Baggage on the Coach Station


Like the international airport, workout stations usually have a left baggage counter that is readily available and available during normal organization hours.

Suitcases storing at coach stations is generally safe. Your bags will likely be saved powering the countertop inside a locked room.


If you’re turning up in Rome by shuttle, you won’t have the capacity to keep your hand bags with the train station as there is no baggage counter kept for tour bus travellers.

The remaining luggage kitchen counter on the workout station could get very occupied, specially during maximum traveling. This simply means you might have to wait for a while in order to fall off your bags.

Bottom line:

So, what’s the right spot to store your baggage in Rome? The international airport or coach station is most likely the best option if you’re searching for comfort and safety. Nevertheless, saving your baggage at the accommodation or hostel might be a better option if you’re with limited funds. No matter which choice you choose, shop around beforehand so you can get pleasure from your vacation to Rome tension-totally free!